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In Fulfilling Your Ministry Calling, Dr. Kingsley Van Der Puije has covered a wide area on the subject of the calling of God and how to fulfill one’s ministry. He has made it clear that no one can succeed in ministry and go the long haul successfully without adequate preparations and training – which are best under the tutelage of fathers and mentors. This book is so important in the Body of Christ and recommended to both serving ministers of the Gospel and those who are preparing to step into the work of ministry. 

Can spiritual fathers (mentors) release their children (protégés) into independent ministries? Can fathers pour forth fathers blessings from their hearts onto their children? Can spiritual children remain connected and maintain healthy relationships with their ‘parent’ organizations and ministries and acknowledge the role of their mentors in their lives? Dr. Kingsley Van Der Puije answers. “Yes, they can!” The insights contained in this book will help address the problem of schism that is rife in churches, ministries and organizations in the world today.

Spiritual Fathering Paperback – September 30, 2015


Dr. Kingsley Van Der Puije (Author)

Asher Young, born under very tragic circumstances beats all odds to be the best little league soccer player in Vanderville and then went on to be the number one high school recruit, but unfortunately something happens that changes his life forever. Kadmiel Van Der Puije is an Author, Entrepreneur, CEO of VANAGE Clothing and a freshman in college studying Business Administration. He is the national youth president under Dominion Life Ministries International. Kadmiel is a motivational speaker and writer with leadership skills to help his generation discover their God-given potential. His dream is to help others be more than average, go farther and reach the highest potential they ever thought possible.

Like the ancient Spartans, Christians are ushered into warfare as soon as we are born again. Our warfare is made up of many battles. Our battle is against 'flesh and blood', but against satanic forces and worldly systems that militate against God's Will in our lives. The battle is thus between two opposing forces that have a cause to contend for and reasons to defend - to eliminate the other. The battle must be won and we have secured the victory through the blood of Jesus over 2,000 years ago. Dr. Van Der Puije exposes Satan's warfare strategies and reveals biblical strategies you need to employ to win your battles.

Evelyn Van Der Puije is an inspirational woman of God who leads with wisdom and grace. An insightful speaker and a soft-spoken woman offstage, Rev. Van Der Puije possesses the rare ability to reach and stir her audiences as she works to complement her husband's ministry. She is a minister of the gospel, a Senior Associate Pastor, and a member of the Council of Presbytery of Dominion Life Ministries International. Her role also as the General Supervisor of the Women's wing is made evident in her efforts to embrace and encourage young women and children from all backgrounds.   Rev. Evelyn Van Der Puije is also the founder of Alabastra International Ministries. 

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