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Church Services

We invite you to join us in worship and fellowship this and every Sunday. The service is from (8:00-10:00am-) 


Join us this and every Tuesday Evening for a life transforming teaching Service from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Come with an expectation to receive from the Lord. 


 III. Wednesday 7pm -9pm Leadership Training/Classes on MEMBERSHIP 


Join us for this and every Friday for Prayer, Healing, Miracle and deliverance service from- 7:00-9:00pm.Come expecting the Lord to heal and give you the miracle you need 

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We devote the last Sunday of every month to meet at the Lord’s Table for life transforming COMMUNION SERVICE.(10.00pm-12.00pm) We do it as a reminder of Christ's death and in obedience to the Ordinance Jesus Christ gave to the Church according to the Bible. (1Cor. 11:23-33, Matt.26:26-29) By faith, we eat the bread and drink the wine as symbols of the body and the blood of Christ, out of which we receive strength to overcome, new life to rise, healing for the body and redemption from sin.It also shows the bond of fellowship amongst believers and in anticipation of Christ's second coming. You are invited to be part if you have received Jesus as Lord and Personal Saviour. We encourage you to pray, fast and prepare for a time of fellowship with the Lord during this moment. 



You are encouraged to fully participate in the service. Join the congregation to sing praises to God in fellowship as well as worship Him. Worship also creates the opportunity for God to be exalted among His people and prepares your heart ready to receive the word of God. 



This is an integral part of our service. We believe prayer works; therefore we spend this time before God praying for our Nation, Congregation, specific needs as well as personal requests, trusting on God's faithfulness for the answers. 



 The Bible is the infallible Word of God which gives abundant life. It is preached to instruct, inspire and motivate you to identify and develop your full potential in Christ. As you practice the rich Word of God daily, you receive the favor and strength from God to live a victorious Christian life. 



After preaching, the Pastor will invite to the Altar and pray for people who want to give their lives to Jesus and receive Him into their heart as Lord and Personal Savior. Join them when you are convinced you need salvation from sin. 



The tithe belongs to God. Tithing is the act of giving a tenth of all your increase (income) to God in His house. By this you recognize God first in your life, the source of your wealth as well as your obedience and faithfulness to His command. Therefore, every Sunday, we bring the tithe/first fruit to the house of God, trusting on His Word to rebuke the devourer and bless us abundantly according to the Bible. (Prov.3:9-10) Don't miss this great opportunity for God's blessing by honoring the Lord with the portion that belongs to Him. 

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Before the benediction, all those visiting the church for the first time will be asked by the Pastor to rise up for the congregation to welcome them. Visitor’s cards will be issued to invite them to our Visitors Reception at the fellowship area, during which our special trained contact workers to meet and interact with them. You may be one of the valued visitors so we encourage you to respond to this invitation. 


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