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Dr. Kingsley Van Der Puije

the Diaspora. He is the owner of NABERM PUBLICATIONS a publishing company which publishes books and does Ghost Writing. A seasoned journalist, Kingsley is also the founder of Dominion Life Bible College which has extensions in Liberia, Cameroon, Sierra- Leone and Nigeria.  He is the founder and president of Father Care International (FCI) and is a pioneering advocate on issues of fathering and men’s movement in Africa/USA.  


Kingsley a gifted teacher of the Word of God has a strong Apostolic grace on him and operates strongly in the prophetic and the supernatural gifts. He is called with a mandate to bring about healing to the broken hearted, develop lives, initiate revivals, leadership in every community and restore the basics of evangelism. He is passionate about souls and orderliness in the Kingdom. He is also ardent about restoring faith, hope and love to God’s people everywhere.

 He has ministered God’s word in Africa, Europe and Canada and The United States.  Kingsley Van Der Puije established Dominion Life Ministries International which was registered in Ghana, West Africa in the year 2000 when God asked him to go into the world to raise a people, train and release them to fulfill the great commission. Kingsley waited until the Lord opened the door for him in 2009 when God told him “it’s time and now is the hour. I am taking you out to bring you in.” Move to United States America to raise me a people and later come to occupy till I come back. On September 25, 2010, Dominion Life Ministries International was incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia and on June 12, 2011 it was started in College Park, Atlanta, Georgia. Presently Dr. Van Der Puije is the resident pastor of Prayer Temple of Dominion Life Ministries International in Windsor Mill, Maryland.  

  For several years Dr. Kingsley Van Der Puije received the direction from the Lord to
“Go into the world, raise a people, train and release them to fulfill the great commission.”In
2000, while on vacation in the United States the mandate became stronger; hence, he
submitted his letter to be released from the Victory Bible College International (VBCI) in
accordance with the church’s protocol; which was rejected. In 2009, Dr. Van Der Pujie had the opportunity to study in the United States, and in that same year, God told him in a prayer; “it’s time” and now is the hour to leave, “I am taking you out to bring you in”. Stay in the United States America to raise me a people and later come to occupy till I come back.” Based on this, Dr. Kingsley tendered his final resignation letter to VBCI effective immediately. On September 25, 2010 Dominion Life Ministries International was incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia and on June 12, 2011 it started in College Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

He planted churches in Kumasi and Apam and part of Osino, Takoradi, and Akim Oda church planting. He also pastored branches in Ashongman, Kokomlemle, and Dansoman, all in Accra Ghana. He has raised a lot of leaders who are doing exploits for the Lord in the Kingdom.  

Kingsley is a prolific writer, motivational conference speaker, publisher, business executive and leadership trainer, editor and owner of “The Voice of Africa” a newspaper that serves Africans in

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